Thursday, December 14, 2017

E. Lit - Martin Arnold

Martin Arnold

Martin Arnold is a filmmaker that uses found film clips and deconstructs them to recreate an image of intense cuts and sound to match the aggressive nature of the edit. he uses this basic technique to create visually demanding works because each clip is a couple seconds and edited and stretch to be 5-10min pieces.

E.Lit - David Lynch

David Lynch

David Lynch, much like Stanley Kubrick is a director that uses elements of photography to convey story and suspense through his work as a film director. His film challenges the ideals within our society and presents them in a surrealist manner as part of a critique on them.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alex Gurian reviews Toni Frissell

Toni Frissell (born Antoinette Frissell Bacon, March 10, 1907 – April 17, 1988) was and American photographer known for her fashion photographs as well as for photographing famous figures and for prominently featuring women in her work. While working at Vogue she wrote captions, and was eventually fired for poor spelling, but encouraged by her editor to take up photography, which she did to help her cope amidst much personal strife with deaths in the family and the breaking off of her engagement. As a photographer, she was rehired by Vogue and was one of the first fashion photographers to shoot outdoors, claiming she didn’t know how to shoot in a studio. She was known for this kind of experimentation in her work.

Alex Gurian reviews Manuel Alvarez Bravo

Manuel Alvarez Bravo (February 4, 1902 – October 19, 2002) was a Mexican photographer. He was Mexico’s first large fine art photographer, and considered to be one of if not the most influential figure in Latin-American photography. A self-taught photographer, he was known for capturing images of ordinary objects in unique and unexpected ways. He often tried to avoid stereotyping in his work, a feat which he considered difficult for the medium. His work encompassed a wide variety of subjects, and even included an extensive collection of polaroids.


Alex Gurian reviews Christer Stromholm

Christer Stromholm (July 22, 1918 – January 11, 2002) was a Swedish photographer. He is known for his series of intimate street photos as well as his series on the transsexual community in Paris in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. He lived in Paris at this time, and developed his style of street photography there. He was also the first post-war Swedish photographer to achieve international recognition for his work.

Alex Gurian reviews Irving Penn

Irving Penn (June 16, 1917 – October 7, 2009) was an American photographer widely known for his portraiture work. He is best known for his fashion photography, and worked at Vogue magazine. He studied drawing, painting, and graphics in college, and didn’t try photography until working as the art director at Saks Fifth Avenue in 1940. Penn was one of the first to use a simple grey or white background for posing models.

Alex Gurian reviews Walid Raad

Walid Raad, born 1967, is a Lebanese photographer and contemporary media artist. As a child, he dreamt of being a photojournalist, and his father gave him his first camera and helped him create a home darkroom. In 1983, Raad had to leave Beirut and leave to the United States, where he studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In the 1990’s, Raad created the fictional Altas Group to document the Lebanese Civil Wars. In The Atlas Group, Raad creates work and then credits them to fictional people who “donated” them to the foundation.